S O U R C E & S T Y L E

__ plant sourcing and styling for private and contract customers__


The gorgeous new offices by this vibrant company were beautifully designed with lots of minimalist designs, we were therefore thrilled that we could add to the great feel of these offices with some beautiful plants. Together with the client we talked about what rooms would need to have a business purpose feel and which ones could be more playful and relaxed. 

The fun 'Klimrek' in one of the rooms creates an open feel as well as a very fun and young vibe which is in line with the employees that work here.

 forest amsterdam styling plants offices amsterdamforest amsterdam styling plants offices amsterdam

forest amsterdam styling plants offices amsterdamforest amsterdam styling plants offices amsterdam


The plants we sourced and styled for the renowned The Cold Pressed Juicery in 3 of their juiceries were a mix of cacti, XLL rubber plants and easy care and non potionous plants. We loved creating the custom styled pots for the Willemsparkweg in the brand colours and sourcing bigger trees for in and outside - below an impression of the result.

rocycle the cold pressed juicery plant styling



The brand new gym ‘The Trainers’ in Amsterdam-west gave us a lovely opportunity to source and style their beautifully designed space with some gorgeous plants. As they offer cross fit / boxing training we wanted the plants to have a strong and robust image + they also had to be able to flourish with low light and be easy-care.

A mix of monstera monkey mask,  Lepismium hanging and euphorbia plants made up for a nice mix of different types that all worked well together as a team!





The lovely new offices of Hoofdpersoon Psychologie in Almere were in desperate need of some greenery - not only to make the place more homely but to also provide good air quality for staff and clients alike. We came up with a plan for the 5 rooms and long hallway and decided what plants would thrive with the condition they would be in. We repotted most of the plants used for these spaces and used baskets and earthy terra-cotta pots to give the clean minimalist offices some soft touches which allows the space to become even more inviting for the clients to relax and feel at ease during their sessions.